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Frontend api

No need for a backend server to use this service. Simply put the API code on your HTML and you are done.

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No more "enter your email again" to check for misspellings. We will warn the user if the entered email does not exist.

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We will provide you with sample code to include in your HTML page.

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How it works

Simply enter an email in the form below to test if it exists. The result will be displayed under the form. The server will then respond with "syntax" if the entered email validates a regular expression, "MX" means a mail server is connected to the domain, "exists" the mail server acknowledge that the address exist.

Some mail servers do not comply with the standard. This is mainly due to privacy concerns. We identify these and may return a field called "alwaysTrue" if the server will always say an email exists even though it does not. This is the case for Yahoo mail servers. Similary we will return "alwaysFalse" in case the mail server always return false. This is done by ProtonMail.

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$5 per month
  • Free setup
  • 3.000 emails checked per month
  • CORS for 1 domain
  • Standard customer support

Small Business

$15 per month
  • Free setup
  • 10.000 emails checked per month
  • CORS for 3 domain
  • Standard customer support


$50 per month
  • Free setup
  • 50.000 emails checked per month
  • CORS for 10 domain
  • Standard customer support

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It is free and easy to get started. Simply enter your email and desired password and you are good to go. Sign up now and get a 100 free credits to test our API solution. If you need more then just send us a message and let us no.

Super cheap

Let us know if any of our competitors with a similar service is cheaper that us. We have yet to see anyone with the same aggressive pricing - right now we are aiming at a cost around half that of our nearest competitor. Sure we are bleeding money but that's what startup's do to enter the market.


How do you avoid that anyone else reads your API key and misuse it? Since our service can run on your frontend servers it will be possible for others to read and use your API key. But you can lock your API ley to only work when the request comes from a certain domain. Simply go to your admin console and enter your domain in the CORS field, i.e. ""

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Something not working? Unsatisfied with our service? Please send us a message and we will do our best to fix the problem ASAP. And know that you can stop any subscription with the click of a button. Simply go to the admin console and click the "cancel subscription" button.

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